NV Predator Hunters Coyote Contest

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Nevada Predator Hunters will be hosting their 2nd annual " Olympic Arms Nevada Coyote Classic"


Las Vegas, NV

Sign-up Friday night Sept 30th, 2011 from 8 to 9 pm. Hunt starts at 9pm Friday.

Check-in will be Oct. 2nd, 2011 at NOON.

Sign-up/Check-in location TBA

1st place prizes : 2 Olympic Arms AR-15's

2nd & 3rd : Hunter Prize packages

Please visit www.NevadaPredatorHunters.com to download the flyer and see hunt rules and contact information.

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Welcome to the site and good luck with the event. You may also want to consider adding it to the Calendar.

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Ok guys I have the Meeting location secured thanks to Rance over at Spurlock's Gun Shop in Henderson, NV.

Hope you are all telling your friends. We have lots to give out to the teams.

NOW ..... $10 add-on for Big Dog ..... Winner takes home a Stack-On Gun Cabinet!!!!

We will be BBQing at the Check-in on Sunday.

Also a thanks to Nightforce Scopes, Camofire.com, Burris, Stack-On, Sierra Bullets, Alpen Optics, Olympic Arms, and 5-Hour Energy.

Here is the revised flyer. Hopefully this is the final one......haha


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Hound, welcome to the board and good luck with your event.

I like that flyer. Very well done.

Keep us apprised of your club events.

We like pics.

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Please spread the word if you know anyone who is considering coming.

Please also understand I am making these changes specifically to keep this hunt as fair as possible for everyone. This is a COYOTE CALLING CONTEST ONLY!!!!!

Rule 6 will be completely changed to - Absolutely NO ATV of any kind allowed including all side by sides, quads, buggy, dirt bikes, or ANYTHING that could be considered an ATV. No running coyotes down with ANY vehicle.

Included in this rule - absolutely NO aerial hunting of any kind is allowed.

The only legal way in this hunt to kill a coyote is to either call one in and shoot during day or spotlight one and shoot it. No other way is allowed. NO exceptions.

No decoy dogs allowed.

New rule - all teams MUST have some sort of digital camera to take pictures with during the hunt. Cell phone cameras are allowed as long as they show a clear picture.

If you will not participate due to these rule changes then so be it. I am doing this in order to help keep this hunt as fair as possible.

Please let everyone you know who is considering hunting these rule changes.

Thank you,

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